Galway City GP Rota

Galway City GP Rota

Out of Hours  GP  urgent medical care 

8am - 5 pm 091 758008

5pm - midnight 087 7744430

Midnight - 8 am 0818 360 000

Please phone your GP surgery for out of hours Doctor phone number during mid week. 

Accessing our Service 

Our service is for registered patients of our members only. 

Handling Calls 

Your call is initially answered by a Call Handler who will ask a number of questions. 

Where possible please have the following information regarding the patient available:

Telephone number

Date of Birth

Patients Name

Patients Address

Patients Medical Card Number

or DVC number 

A brief description of the patients complaint


After you provide details to the Call Handler, you will be asked to hang-up and await a call back from the Doctor on Call.  Please keep the contact phone number free so the Doctor  can get through to you. 

All urgent calls receive priority and all calls returned in rotation based on urgency.